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Max Gut Health


Max Gut-Health is an advanced and unique combination of high quality calcareous marine algae and a highly active live yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae NUCL 39885 and is formulated to act as a probiotic and to help support a healthy gut environment. On reaching the large intestine Max Gut-Health promotes the growth of beneficial gut flora that are essential to good gut wellbeing.

The most important job is to keep the good bacteria in the hind gut prolific and abundant, this allows the bacteria to be able to break down fibre efficiently and absorb nutrients, minerals, and vitamins.

By supporting the hind gut during periods of change, it will help the horse to digest forage effectively and improve overall wellbeing. By doing this we can keep horses comfortable and able to perform to their best ability.

This stability in the hind gut environment allows the horse to utilise any food and achieve maximum nutritional value.


✔ Helping to improve feed digestibility.
✔ Helping to support gut health during times of stress.
✔ Helping to reduce the acid load.
✔ Helping to maintain the correct PH balance.
✔ Helping your horse to break down fibre efficiently and absorb nutrients minerals and vitamins. 

Max Gut Health
  • includes ingredients that have been shown to support your horse and incorporates the latest global scientific research producing a modern product that helps support your horses gut wellbeing.

  • is manufactured in an accredited facility that has in place rigorous quality control procedures to help reduce the risk of Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances entering our products. We also work with one of the UKs top testing laboratories near Newmarket to maintain the highest standards of feed safety and clean sport.


Daily feeding rate 50g per day, ideally split between two feeds.

You can double up for 10 days if your horse needs additional support e.g., when using antibiotics, seasonal changes or during long distant travel or when staying at a show.

Young Stock can be fed at a rate of 10g per 100Kg of weight


Additives per Kg

Maerl, Gut flora stabilisers: 1000000000000 CFU/kg Saccharomyces cerevisiae MUCL39885 as Vistacell (4b1710) for the improvement of feed
efficiency and production performance. Single serving of yeast is 2g per day, this product provides 4g per 50g serving.

Maerl (Calcareous Marine Algae)

Sensory additives:
Mixture of flavouring compounds (2b, vanilla) 20000mg/kg.


Additives per Kg

Calcium 27%
Phosphorus 12%
Sodium 1.8%
Magnesium 4.9%
Crude Protein 2.8%
Crude Fibre 0.24%
Crude Oil & Fats 0.20%
Acid Insoluble Ash 3.0%

30ml Scoop included and feeding rate is based on a level scoop.

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