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Max Hoof Health


Max Hoof Health is an advanced supplement that has been formulated to help maintain hoof quality and to support bone and skeletal wellbeing for horses of all ages in work, convalescence, and retirement that includes ingredients that have been shown to support your horse and incorporates the latest global scientific research producing a modern product to help support your horses Hoof & Bone wellbeing.

Max Hoof Health is an advanced complimentary Supplement for Horses and ponies that contains Biotin, Calcium, Phosphorus, Copper, Lysine and Methionine to provide your horse with the best ingredients and support.

✔ Biotin essential for the maintenance of good hoof quality and helps support metabolize protein and energy.

✔ Calcium to support bone growth and development.

✔ Phosphorus to assist in bone energy metabolism and skeletal health.

✔ Copper to assist in the formulation of bone and cartilage.

✔ Lysine an essential amino acid that aids and encourages hoof growth.

✔ Methionine an essential amino acid to assist in improving hoof, hair, skin, and the immune system.

Max Hoof Health
  • Week hoof condition is a problem that many horses can suffer from and can be caused by of poor diet, genetics, and environmental issues. If this problem is not addressed, the hoof can develop cracks and split.

  • To help horses with hoof issues we have formulated Max Hoof Health that is a combination of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that help improve the hoof and horn, condition and helps reduce splitting, cracking and assists the building of strong hoofs . Max Hoof Health also helps promotes healthy skin and coat.

  • Max Hoof Health is also formulated with ingredients to help support bone growth, metabolism of bone energy and the formulation of bone cartilage so providing an all-round hoof and bone wellbeing supplement for horses and ponies in hard work, maintenance, convalescence and enjoying retirement.

  • Max Hoof Health is manufactured in an accredited facility that has in place rigorous quality control procedures to help reduce the risk of Naturally Occurring Prohibited Substances entering our products. We also work with one of the UKs top testing laboratories near Newmarket to maintain the highest standards of feed safety and clean sport.

  • Max Hoof Health is highly palatable and can be fed alongside our unique and scientifically proven and researched Max-Gut-Health supplement.


Daily Feeding Rate 30g per day


Ingredients per Kg

Linseed Exp, Biotin Pure 1340mg, Calcium Carbonate
67,267mg, Calcium, Di Calcium Phosphate
33,666mg, Lysine35,000mg, Methionine 11,000mg, ZincAmino Acid Chelate 3,350mg, Elemental, Copper Acid Chelate 1,380mg Elemental Apple Flavour.

Vitamins & Pro Vitamins:
Vitamin A (800,000iu per Kg)
Vitamin D3 (160,000iu per Kg)


Ingredients per Kg

Crude Protein 25.5%
Crude Fibre 6.8%
Oil 8.8%
Ash 23.3%
30ml Scoop included and feeding rate is based on a level scoop.

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