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Max Gut Health has been formulated as a probiotic to reach the hindgut and neutrilise it, to keep it working at it’s optimum. The Hind gut is the horses gut brain - it’s responsible for overall working of the horse - from immune system to hormones. When all that is pH - neutral and correct, then the body can work to it’s optimum. When it is acidic - the body stugles, which affects immune system and hormones, which is why the muscles don’t grow properly and the horse can suffer from skin conditions like mud fewer, etc.


It has 2 ingredients - 

  • mild organic seaweed which acts as the acid buff for the foregut
  • active live yeast in it which has been formulated for the animal industry and is not a by-product of another industry (brewing for example). The active live yeasr is cased in a hard coating so that it can travel through the foregut and reach the hindgut where it does it’s job.

When the hindgut is neuitral, the horse can brake down the fibre more effieciently, get a better uptake of Nutrients, Minerals and Vitamins. It also means that you don’t have to feed as much, because the horse gets more out of their feed.
For sporthorses exspecially important benefit of feeding MGH is the quality of the muscle they grow - quality muscle that is flexible and appliable, but strong. Whereas an acidic horse will have tight muscle. And although they grow, it’s tight, which means it’s more liable for injury, expecially connected tissue.
When the horses body is acidic and tendons and ligament are tight, there’s no room for any flexibility, whereas when they’re body is working to it’s optimum and is pH-neutral, then they can grow strong and flexible. So down the line you’re looking at hopefully less injury.

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